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OceanVisions2019 – join us at Tech! - 11 Oct 2018

11 Oct 2018

Dear colleagues,

I would like to draw your attention to the upcoming OceansVisions 2019 – Climate Summit at Georgia Tech.

The summit (April 1-4, 2019) focuses on the theme of “Successes in resilience, adaptation, mitigation, and sustainability” and is co-organized by researchers at Georgia Tech, Stanford University, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and the Smithsonian Institution in coordination with the IOC-UNESCO, the Ocean Conservancy and Georgia Aquarium. The goal is to highlight existing successes in the areas of adaptation, mitigation and sustainability within and across the human, climate and ecological ocean dimensions.

The program includes opening lectures by Dr. Nancy Knowlton (Smithsonian Institution), Dr. Emanuele Di Lorenzo (Georgia Tech), Dr. Salvatore Arico (Head of Ocean Section, IOC-UNESCO), Janis Searles Jones (CEO of Ocean Conservancy), and by the inaugural Tethys Award recipient Dr. Jane Lubchenco (Oregon State University).

The summit is organized around six themed sessions:

1 – Adaptive Social-Ecological Systems: Coastal Climate Change 2 – Resilience of Coastal Ecosystems: Tropical Oceans and Coral Reefs 3 – Protecting Ocean Health: Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia 4 – Sustainability of Ocean Resources: Marine Spatial Planning 5 – Mitigation: Scalable strategies for Blue Carbon 6 – Integrated Modelling of Human and Climate Impacts on Ocean Systems

each of which includes lecturers by 3 keynote speakers ( as well as talks (10 min each) and posters by registrants.

Please note that there are no registration fees for the summit, and we anticipate awarding ~3 travel grants per session.

If you are interested in participating in this summit and contributing an abstract for a talk/poster (abstract submission is not required), please follow the registration/submission instructions at

The registration and abstract deadline is October 30, 2018.

We very much hope to see you in Atlanta in April!

Best, Frank J. Stewart (co-chair, Session 3)


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