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New Microbiology REU Program at Montana State!

Dear Students and Colleagues,

We are excited to announce a new REU program at Montana State University. The program's theme is the Microbiology of Low Oxygen Ecosystems (MLOxE).

Application instructions and details about the program can be found at

REU programs are funded by the National Science Foundation to create summer research opportunities for college students. A core goal is to recruit students from schools with limited research programs, or from groups traditionally underrepresented in science. For our program, we are particularly interested in applications from American Indian and Alaska Native students, African American and other Underrepresented Minority (URM) groups, or schools with limited research opportunities. But we invite everyone with an interest to apply. Applicants can be students (part or full time) from either a 2-yr or a 4-yr school. No prior research experience is necessary. Applicants must be US citizens. Admitted students will be paired with a faculty mentor at MSU in Bozeman, Montana, where they will conduct an independent project in summer 2021 (10 wks in total; tentatively June 7-August 13). Each student will receive a $6000 stipend. Travel, room, and board expenses will be covered. Applications to the program are due by February 28. The MLOxE REU program leverages MSU's unique expertise in microbiology, notably focusing on environments with little or no oxygen. If you're not in the field, this theme might seem obscure. The truth is the exact opposite. Low oxygen microbes are vital for environmental and human health. They influence (or control) processes such as food breakdown in the intestine, toxin removal from the environment, and greenhouse gas production. They are also models for understanding the origins of life on this planet, and the potential for life on other planets. Please spread this email far and wide. If you know of interested and qualified applicants, please encourage them to apply. Again, applications to the program are due by February 28.

Southwestern Montana is a beautiful spot to spend the summer!

Thank you,

Frank Stewart, Eric Boyd, and Mari Eggers (Program Directors)


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