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Congrats, Carlos! New SAR11 paper. - 26 Nov 2020

26 Nov 2020

Ruiz-Pérez CA, Bertagnolli AD, Tsementzi D, Woyke T, Stewart FJ, Konstantinidis KT. 2020. Description of Candidatus Mesopelagibacter cooxidans and Candidatus Anoxipelagibacter denitrificans: Nitrate-reducing SAR11 genera that dominate mesopelagic and anoxic marine zones. Systematic and Applied Microbiology. In press.

Led by our wonderful collaborators Carlos Ruiz-Pérez and Kostas Konstantinidis at Georgia Tech, this study uses comparative genomics to explore novel strains of nitrate-reducing SAR11 bacteria from low oxygen marine waters. It’s a valuable follow-up to our 2016 work demonstrating that SAR11, the world’s most abundant organism, likely plays a key role in the first step of ocean denitrification.

Great work, Carlos!!


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