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Another great year for SWiMS! - 3 Jul 2017

3 Jul 2017

Our lab hosts the Summer Workshop in Marine Science (SWiMS) at Georgia Tech each summer.

Our goal is to help middle and high school teachers get marine topics into their classrooms, and then hopefully into the minds of students.

We just wrapped up SWiMS 2017, our third consecutive year, and in my opinion another complete success! We’ve now involved over 50 educators, many from high needs districts in the Atlanta area. I’m always so impressed by the level of dedication and enthusiasm I see in this group. I want to thank all of the teachers out there. So many of the truly great things in our world started with you.

And thanks to the grad students (Cory, Josh, Piyush) and postdocs (Andrew, Nastassia, Zoe) who helped in 2017 – SWiMS would not be possible without your amazing dedication and creativity. And, finally, thanks to our guest speakers (Colleen Cavanaugh, Harvard; Al Dove, Georgia Aquarium; Joel Kostka, Georgia Tech). Your research is incredible – I’m glad you were able to share a bit of it with the teachers.

On to 2018!


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